Making women VISIBLE

Women in supply chain; transport and logistics are few however the interest from women to enter and progress in the industry continues to grow.

We want to ensure the industry recognizes women’s interest and provides them with opportunities and incentives to enter at all levels. To ensure this opportunity is available we aim to provide you with opportunities to network, promote and share your skills and experience to increase your knowledge and create the opportunities you want.

If you would like to grow, be heard or just make a difference we welcome you on board as a member.

Areas of improvement

Below are some of the issues that drive WISC members to come together to collaborate, meet and share knowledge and experiences with like-minded professionals.

Industrial Concentration of Women in the Transport Sector

The table below reflects a decline of women in the transport sector workforce. The transport and logistics industry in Australia has demonstrated that women in managerial positions statistically fall behind all other sectors and globally Australia ranks the worst of all western countries according to Australian Bureau of Statistics and the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (2008)

Year % of women in T&L

1976 12.5%

1986 17.5%

1998 25.2%

2009 24.0%

Career Opportunities

Inequity and career barriers continue to be an issue within the industry. For example, examination of the 10 organisations in the transportation industry (including services to transport) included in the top 200 organisations on the Australian Stock Exchange in 2006 shows that only four of the 10 organisation’s had women on boards and half had no women in executive management (EOWA, 2006).

Our publication The Unseen Gender in Transport and Logistics aims to promote discussion within and beyond the transport and logistics community of the contribution women make to the industry.