What We Do

As a voluntary group of women we are passionate about instigating change for women working in all professions in supply chain; transport and logistics representing road, rail, air, sea, pipeline, inter and bi-modal transport and all the processes and services from start to finish.

We bring together our members, industry, business and government professionals to work together to increase education, knowledge, experience, career opportunities for every women in the industry.

Our Charter


"Equally recognized and represented across supply chain"


"Increase the profile and engagement of women, provide a dynamic networking environment and promote professional development and educational opportunities for Women In Supply Chain."

Our Objectives


To make women VISIBLE


Foster diversity and work – life balance in the Supply Chain


To link women in a professional and learning environment to share grow and develop


Explore, develop and promote innovation in the industry


Interface between industry, government, business and all Supply Chain stakeholders

Professional Development:

To promote professional development through education, training and mentoring opportunities


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