Transport and logistics industry grows whilst women's participation rates decline

2 December 2014


Women are an integral part of the Transport and Logistics industry (T&L) and have a great deal to offer organisations big and small, in multiple industry sectors and across all levels of management. A new paper prepared by Women In Supply Chain (WISC), was launched today by Honourable Gary Blackwood, Member for Narracan and former Parliamentary Secretary for Transport at an event hosted by the National Transport Commission (NTC).

The paper aims to provoke thought and discussion and encourage the T&L industry and its stakeholders to review current work policies to create work opportunities for better engagement with skilled and experienced women.

Chairperson of WISC and a commissioner of the NTC, Nola Bransgrove said the “Improving Women’s Visibility – The Unseen Gender In Transport and Logistics paper shows the trend of women’s participation in the industry has declined from 24 per cent in 2009 to 22.9 per cent in 2014 when over the same period the growth in the T&L industry rose by 58 per cent.”

The Australian Bureau of Statistics (Cat No. 6302.0) released data on August 2014 showing between November 2013 and May 2014 men’s salaries in Australia increased an average of $24.90 while women’s salaries increased an average of $7.09. This increases the gender pay gap in Australia to 18.2 per cent. The highest gender pay gap in over 20 years.

WISC believe that the gender gap can close, as more people recognise the important work women do and the increasing role they play in the leadership and management of Australia’s Transport and Logistics industry.
Studies to date report positive results in having a balanced workforce across all levels of the organisation and WISC supports the principle that the best person gets the job.
“More and more of Australia’s transport and logistics companies would reap the benefits of employing women and using their skills, experience and leadership,” Ms Bransgrove said.

Acting CEO of the NTC Michelle Hendy said women play a large role in the NTC’s direction and success. “Women play a large part in our organisation and, importantly, play a large role in our leadership bodies. Women represent half of our executive and one third of our commissioners, including Nola,” Ms Hendy said.

“The NTC is supports initiatives to increase the productivity of Australia’s transport and logistics sector, and this paper highlights how industry can get the right people with the right skills for a more productive workforce.”

A copy of the paper “Improving Women’s Visibility – The Unseen Gender In Transport and Logistics is available at

About Women In Supply Chain (WISC) WISC is a voluntary group open to men and women in supply chain. We are passionate in supporting the recognition of women in Transport and Logistics to reach their optimum potential. We offer a range of events to motivate discussion, promote collboartion and participation from like-minded individuals.
Membership is free and we encourage men and women from all aspects of the supply chain to join and contribute to the growth of participation of women in this integral industry sector.

For more information about WISC visit or click here to view the paper.

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